How one marketing agency used Biteable to make their bounce rate disappear

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The business

Meet Keith Koons of Upstate Synergy

Keith began his marketing career as a freelance copywriter around the turn of the century. For years he built up his skill set, learning everything from SEO and conversion optimization techniques to social media promotion and web design.

Keith’s hard work paid off. He was one of the highest-rated freelancers on Upwork and began counting Fortune 500 companies as clients. But not everything was rainbows and unicorns. The long hours took their toll.

Eventually, Keith was ready for a change. So, in 2007, he left the freelance world behind and founded Upstate Synergy, a boutique marketing firm based in Spartanburg, SC. Today, Keith and his team provide digital marketing services to clients all over the world.

The hours are better now he’s got a team to help out, but Keith was still faced with the same question: how do I engage website visitors and convert them into paying customers? Let’s just say that, since those early days, Keith has now cracked the code.

The goal

Drop Upstate Synergy’s bounce rate

Keith had a problem. The Upstate Synergy bounce rate was too high. He could get people to the home page of his firm’s website, but getting them to look deeper proved difficult. It’s a common issue that all digital marketers face.

Keith was well aware of the power of video marketing, but in his own words: “There’s nothing simple about video. If you can’t make an awesome video for potential clients, you shouldn’t make one at all.”

So Keith put video on the back burner and tried every other technique he could think of to land quality clients. He offered free marketing clinics. He attended networking groups. Keith even took to Craigslist to try and find work. But the Upstate Synergy bounce rate didn’t drop.

Then everything changed.

"I discovered Biteable through one of my Fortune 500 tech clients. She mentioned she could make super high-quality videos in about 10 minutes … I thought she was out of her mind."

Keith Koons
Upstate Synergy

The solution

Go all in on video

As it turns out, Keith’s client was not out of her mind. He tried Biteable for himself and discovered that, “sure enough, Biteable really does make it that easy.”

The Upstate Synergy website now has a Biteable video on its home page that tells his firm’s story and addresses customer questions — all in just one minute. Not only that, but now Keith also creates Biteable videos to share on social media, because “it’s an awesome way to communicate! Videos are shared much more often than any other content type.”

The Upstate Synergy home page video

The result

An unheard-of 1.6% bounce rate

You read that right. As soon as Keith added his Biteable video to the Upstate Synergy home page, something amazing happened. His bounce rate dropped to an astonishing 1.6%. As Keith said:

“In the digital world, that’s practically unheard of. I actually thought Google Analytics was messing up somehow. But then the new leads started coming in at a much steadier pace and people were much quicker to pick up the phone.”

Upstate Synergy’s social media presence has also benefited from Biteable videos. Just 30 days after posting their first video to Facebook, Upstate Synergy “picked up over 1,000 followers — almost exclusively because of Biteable.”

Low bounce rates and Facebook followers are great, but neither would have mattered if Upstate Synergy’s bottom line hadn’t felt a boost as well. After just a few months of promoting his videos, Keith landed $34k in client work. Let’s just say that Keith was pretty happy with his investment in Biteable:

“Biteable does so much really well. I love the simplicity of being able to create a concept and have a studio-quality video in record time. Probably the biggest thing is the price, though. I’ve paid $500 or more in the past to produce a single explainer video for one of my clients. The value with Biteable is off-the-charts fantastic!”

Video marketing tips

Keith’s tips for success

Ready to drop your bounce rate? Follow these tips from Keith:

  • Invest in video: Keith held out on video for years. He thought it would be too complicated and the end results would be subpar. Then he discovered Biteable and now makes studio-quality videos in minutes. You can do the same.

  • Use video on your website’s homepage: According to Keith, “The biggest problem for any website is getting customers past the homepage. If they click any link on your site to learn more about you, your chances of getting their business become exponentially higher.” Craft a Biteable video for your site’s homepage and watch your bounce rate drop.

  • Spread your videos around the web: Your website isn’t the only place you can use your Biteable videos. Social media, in particular, is a fantastic way to share your videos and get the word out about your company. This will only become more true as Facebook continues to reward video ads with better positioning.

If you’d like to get started making awesome videos straight away, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is pick one of the following templates and start editing, or go to our templates section and choose one of hundreds from there.

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