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Biteable is a leading HR video maker designed to create on-brand videos that get attention and inspire action. Ready-made templates, beautifully crafted scenes, and seamless, one-click editing turn you into a video-making powerhouse in minutes.

Turn your most important messages into on-brand HR videos

Visuals done for you

Start at 90% done with on-point scenes and workplace-focused video templates.

Video editing made easy

Add voice-over, record new footage, or swap out scenes with the click of a button.

Flawless branding

Brand your video with no extra effort. Automatically add your logo and company colors to every frame.

Getting started

Biteable is an HR video maker that does the heavy lifting for you

You’re ready to turn your most important messages into engaging HR videos. Biteable is ready to help with an HR video maker that supports you at every stage.

Ready-made scenes and workplace-focused templates deliver inspiration and jump start every project. Eye-catching animations and graphics make customizing a breeze, so you can rest assured any HR video you make will be professional and memorable.

Fine-tune your video with an intelligent editing experience that does all the heavy lifting. An innovative brand-building tool even fetches your company colors and logo from the web and seamlessly adds them to your entire video.

Share your HR video with a single, trackable link via email, instant message, or anywhere else links get clicked. From initial idea to closing scene, Biteable is the HR video maker built with people-ops in mind.

The basics

How to make a memorable HR video

1. Start a free Biteable trial

Start your free, 7-day Biteable trial. You get access to all the premium features and HR video-making power Biteable has to offer.

2. Choose a template

The Biteable HR video maker has plenty of templates crafted specifically to align and activate employees. Choose from hundreds of templates and scenes designed with people ops in mind.

3. Customize your video

Customize your HR video as much or as little as you like. Type in your message and call it a day, or use the intuitive editor to add animations, apply a voice-over, or record a first-person video clip all with the touch of a button.

4. Add your company branding

Biteable’s brand builder automatically fetches your logo and brand colors from your company website and seamlessly applies them to your entire video. Create and save multiple color combinations and make on-brand HR videos with a single click.

5. Share and track your message

Share your video on any comms channel with a single link, then use built-in video analytics to track views and watch engagement soar.

Biteable users agree

“Biteable reduced the amount of time it takes me to create comms by 75%. It saves me a lot of time. It makes my life that much easier.”

Scott Sorensen, Checkr

“Our Biteable video got 1000s of views. Way more engagement than we usually get on our internal newsletter.”

Lindsay Smith, Advanced Energy

HR videos make employee engagement a reality

Hiring and recruiting

Attract talent with eye-catching hiring announcements and company culture videos.

Streamlined onboarding

Bring your employee handbook to life with video resources new hires actually remember.

On-demand training

Deliver memorable trainings and micro-learnings employees can watch from anywhere.

Company-wide announcements

Keep everyone aligned on processes, policy updates, and mission-critical information.

Employee recognition

Ditch the impersonal email. Recognize work anniversaries, birthdays, awards, and a job well done.

Report summaries

Make reports more engaging and help decision-makers retain key information.

Improve your HR communication within the week with Biteable

Take your people-ops to the next level with on-brand HR videos that activate and engage.


HR video-making FAQs

We’ve got answers to your burning questions about online HR video makers and how to create human resources videos that make an impact.

What is a human resources video?

A human resources video is a video that communicates HR messages to the organization and helps HR perform human resources functions. In many cases, human resources videos are complementary to paper documents, such as policy videos. But some HR videos, such as company culture videos, can stand on their own.

Should I use an HR video template?

Using an HR video template is a great way to get ideas for your HR videos and make the most impact with the least amount of resources. When you choose an HR video maker, make sure the platform has templates geared toward HR and people ops, as well as visuals that fit well for workplace communications.

What is the best HR video to make first?

When it comes to the best HR video to make first, there’s no single answer. But many HR pros start with an announcement video. It’s relatively easy to replace one of your regular announcements with a video. Once you do, you’ll have a template in place for future videos.

What are some examples of an HR video series?

Examples of an HR video series include:

  1. “Mission moments” series (highlight team members who go above and beyond)
  2. Leadership update series (connect employees to the bigger picture)
  3. Weekly micro-learnings (mini-trainings people can watch at any time)
  4. Monthly birthdays
  5. Monthly work anniversaries
  6. Quarterly awards or recognition

Pro tips

5 tips for making an impactful HR video

With the right HR video maker in your toolbox, the sky’s the limit for creating impactful messages that engage, align, and activate employees. As you make your first HR video, keep these best practices in mind.

Keep it short and sweet

Most HR videos should be under about two minutes long. A short video is easier to retain, because your audience is less likely to be hit with information overload.

If the information is more complex, consider breaking it down into a series of videos. Add all of your videos to a library so they are easy to access in one place.

The easiest way to keep your videos concise is to use templates. Biteable’s video templates are designed by pros who know how to communicate big messages in bite-sized videos.

Be consistent

Once you start using video, it’s best to use it consistently. That way people get accustomed to watching videos and referencing them for information.

It’s also important to be consistent from video to video. Use a consistent structure, style, and tone for each HR video you create. This makes your videos more impactful because people know what to expect and can focus on processing the message, not on the video style.

Stay on brand

Branding is valuable, even for internal HR videos. It contributes to a consistent tone and style, and more importantly, it shows employees that your HR messaging is being presented by a unified front.

Branding makes your messages from the CEO and your policy videos look like they come from the same place, and implicitly conveys that the CEO is on board with the message in your policy videos. The same goes for your other videos.

This might seem daunting, but it’s easy with Biteable’s brand builder. The tool fetches your company colors and logo from your website and automatically applies them to your entire video.

Sometimes you might have to download a video and send the actual file. But whenever possible, using a trackable link is the simplest way to share your HR videos. It’s also the most compatible with all the communication channels you already use.

It’s easy to copy and paste a link into an email, instant message, social media post, or intranet blog post — anywhere a clickable link can be shared. Using a link generated by Biteable, you can also track how many people watch the video.

End with a call-to-action

Whether you’re posting a recruiting video or sending a policy update, there’s something you want the viewer to do with the information.

The best way to get people to take action is to ask them. It doesn’t have to be pushy or aggressive, just a few words that clarify what you expect people to do combined with a clickable link that directs them to the next step.

Biteable makes it easy to add a clickable call-to-action button to the end of your HR videos. Select the call-to-action feature, add a few words and a URL, and Biteable takes care of the rest.

Experience the people-ops power of video with Biteable