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Get more leads and sales with gorgeous Linkedin video ads. Use the Biteable Linkedin video maker to turn out winning ads in no time.

How to make LinkedIn video ads in a flash

  1. Pull up Biteable in your internet browser.
  2. Create an account if you need one, or log in. Get started for free.
  3. Work from a template, or do some freeform LinkedIn ad creation.
  4. Add text, stock video, photos, and music to make an ad that captures your customers’ hearts.

Getting started

Create LinkedIn video ads that entice your ideal customers

LinkedIn has some of the most specific ad targeting in the social media world, and video ads have been outperforming text ads for years. This means you need high-quality video ads with the right message to hit your target audience in the right place.

That said, the primary demographic on LinkedIn is motivated professionals… so you need to create professional video ads to impress them. Biteable enables you to create gorgeous ads, right in your browser, without blowing your time or your budget.

Make LinkedIn video ads that get big results on a tiny budget

Even if you can afford to pay a lot for social media ads, there’s no reason to pay more for the same results.

Biteable gives you access to a massive selection of stock video and photos, music, and text for pennies on the dollar with a basic subscription. Remove the watermark with a Premium account, and perfect your branding.

Create your LinkedIn ads using nothing but clicks

Running a business keeps you running to get everything done. So you need video editor software that lets you make video ads during a working lunch.

Use Biteable to create entire LinkedIn video ads in a handful of minutes, so you’ve always got fresh creative and new angles to appeal to new customers.

Work from a template for perfectly scripted video ads on LinkedIn

You don’t need to be a videographer or script writer to make LinkedIn video ads that are compelling, yet concise.

Biteable provides a huge library of templates for any type of ad. Use our templates to create sponsored content that looks like it was made by a whole team of video marketing professionals.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Making videos with Biteable is easy and fun. Their slides and videos were just what I was looking for. They're cute, but still get my message across.

Jennifer, pleased video maker

Very easy and efficient to use. Within an hour you have a short little movie, ready to send out.

City of Antwerp (for real)

The Basics

How to engage on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users don’t spend much time scrolling and perusing their newsfeed. They’re busy building careers and businesses. You need to get attention in the first few seconds.

Use stock footage and photos with bright colors, or add some animated text to grab attention before people scroll past.

Work visually

Most people watch videos on social media with the sound off. Use visual storytelling to make your video engaging, with or without sound. Also, add text or subtitles. That way viewers get your message even if they never unmute the video.

LinkedIn doesn’t have a tool for adding subtitles. But, you can use Biteable to add text at the bottom of the screen to communicate silently.

Branding is important. Add your logo to create more brand awareness, and help potential customers recognize your company when they see your content in other places.

Close with a strong CTA

It’s become standard practice for most social media content, but including a CTA is especially important in an ad. Make your CTA visible, so it’s just as powerful as the rest of your video with the sound off.

Animated text is great here, too. It gets your CTA on the screen in spectacular fashion.

Make a LinkedIn ad in less time than it takes to write a resume

Pro tips

Tailor your ads to your customers

In order to use LinkedIn’s advanced ad targeting options to reach the right people, you need solid customer profiles. Building thorough customer profiles is a fairly simple process.

Interview current and former clients

Be especially careful to note their job titles, job functions, and seniority levels, since LinkedIn uses professional data for ad targeting. Also, observe how they talk about their profession and the problems that led them to your company.

Review your CRM and sales data

Use this to identify the clients and customers that spend the most money. Get a good picture of who they are and which products and services they use most.

Check social media profiles

Find out what your ideal customers are looking at and searching for on social media, so you can actively target those interests with your ads.

Build an overall LinkedIn advertising strategy

You need a long-term plan for your LinkedIn advertising, otherwise you won’t get the results you want. Build an overarching plan for all your video ads, and make sure all your ads align with that end goal.

You’ll need multiple ads for each ad campaign, and lots of fresh videos to avoid boring customers with the same ads over and over again. Use an online video maker like Biteable to create new videos fast. That way you never have to scramble to get new LinkedIn campaigns up and running.

Video specs

Respect the LinkedIn video ad specs

The LinkedIn video ad specs are a bit different than the standard video content specifications. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Length: 3 seconds to 30 minutes. But, most successful videos are around 15 seconds.

  • Layout: Horizontal. Vertical videos are not available for sponsored content (yet).

  • File size: 75kb to 200mb.

  • File format: MP4

  • Frame rate: Less than 30 frames per second.

  • Aspect ratio: 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 1:1 aspect ratio videos should have a minimum resolution of 600×600 and a maximum resolution of 1080×1080.

  • Audio: AAC or MPEG4.

  • Audio size: Less than 64Khz.

If your video doesn’t meet these standards, LinkedIn won’t let you upload it. But don’t worry, your Biteable video will automatically meet these requirements.

When you go to upload your video, keep in mind that this is only possible on the desktop version of LinkedIn.

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