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Wow your fans with eye-catching Snapchat ads made in minutes using the Biteable ad creator.

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Snapchat is the second most popular app in the world — Sandvine

How to make Snapchat video ads

  1. Log in or sign up to Biteable for free
  2. Create a new video project or start with a template.
  3. Add your own content, or choose from more than 1.8 million images, photos, and animations in the Biteable library.
  4. Download and then share to Snapchat.

Getting started

Grow your business with Snapchat advertising

Snapchat is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. Engagement levels are intense, with 60% of Snapchat’s 218 million users creating content every day. If your primary audience is in the under-35 demographic, Snapchat is the place to grow your fanbase and promote your offers.

It’s a fun, dynamic platform that’s perfect for video ads. With Biteable’s template library, you can create an ad in a few clicks. Simply grab a template, edit the text, swap out some scenes, and add your logo. We’ll take care of the rest.

Professional video ads, without the price tag

Professional videos are finally within everyone’s reach. The Biteable template collection has hundreds of options to create your ultimate Snapchat ad, with beautiful footage, music, photos, fonts, and animations to mix and match to your heart’s desire.

You can make your own Snapchat ad in minutes, with zero investment. If you love it, upgrade to a Premium plan to remove the watermark and download your video. It really is that simple.

Save time and get results faster

High-performing Snapchat video ads are so easy to create with Biteable that you’ll suddenly have time for other things like mending your socks…cleaning the oven…writing that letter to dear Aunty Mavis… All the important stuff, basically.

The basics

Keep your audience in mind

Snapchat is a fast and furious platform with a younger audience demographic. Your Snapchat ad needs to make every second count, with bright colors, engaging visuals, and a personalized brand feel to catch people’s attention and make them eager to learn more about your offer.

Our templates have you covered

Kick-off your Snapchat ad campaigns with our user-friendly template library. Our ad templates have been created by marketing experts, with social audiences in mind. All you need to do is choose the right size template for Snapchat ad specs, then tweak and personalize your video ad to match your brand.

Consistency is key

Brand consistency is the heart of effective Snapchat ads. Keep consistent with your colors, fonts, and message across every ad so your fans get to know, trust, and want to buy from you.

Biteable makes it simple to customize your ads. You can change every scene to create perfectly on-brand videos, plus there’s a free music library to pump up the jam on your ads.

Create an ad masterpiece from scratch

Feeling a little extra? Biteable also lets you make speedy Snapchat ads from scratch. If you want to make your own custom ad, use our footage, animation, and effects to create something that’s uniquely you.

Our huge library of footage has everything you need to create a compelling ad in minutes. You can even import your own photos and videos to give your Snapchat fans a next-level experience.

A fantastic tool for those of us who suck hard at mashing video together. Our Facebook ads have never been so enticing! Highly recommend.

Mike, Video guru (part-time)

It makes promoting your business fun. Easy to work with, user-friendly, and very economical.

Patrick, Biteable champion

Pro tips

Get your ads off to a flying start

Anyone can make dazzling Snapchat ads with Biteable, but we’ve put together some simple pro tips to help you get even better results.

Keep your Snapchat video length short ‘n’ sweet

Short videos are a winning recipe for Snapchat. Make sure your videos are concise, clear, and instantly engaging for the greatest chance of success.

Define your goals

Before you start creating ads, decide on the goal of each one. Will it introduce people to your brand? Will you be covering an event? Do you have a new product launching? Or will this be an ad to drive people to your website to grab a special discount?

Having a clear goal in mind before you start is the best way to plan out your Snapchat ad and choose the right scenes to get the job done.

Don’t be boring!

Snapchat is a platform that thrives on engaging content. If your ad shows up looking like a used car salesman in a flannel suit with a comb-over, it’s not going to work well.

Almost half of the college students that use Snapchat say they open ads from brands they don’t know and aren’t looking to purchase from. This is your chance to catch their eye with fun fonts, catchy tunes, beautiful products, and irresistible offers.

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