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Don’t just jump on the trends, be a part of making them with a TikTok video presence. Create scroll-stopping TikTok videos and promos in a snap with the Biteable TikTok video maker.

How to make a TikTok video

  1. Start your free Biteable trial.
  2. Browse 1000+ ready-to-edit video templates or start from scratch.
  3. Customize your video with Biteable’s suite of smart editing tools. Add music, voice over, animated text, and more.
  4. Upload your video directly to TikTok — no in-app edits necessary.
Haily shows you how to create TikTok magic with Biteable’s online TikTok video maker.

Ready-made content

Spice up your TikTok with full access to over 24+ million stock clips, images, animations, and premium music tracks.

One-click editing

Streamlined and smart. Add on-screen text, animations, and music with the touch of a button.

Best-in-class templates

Start with a customizable template to create your video in less time.

Getting started

Discover your audience on TikTok

Video is on the rise, and the kids are here to prove it. It’s time to say hello to TikTok — the viral marketing machine of your dreams.

Born in 2016, TikTok is one of the world’s fastest-growing social media sites and was the second most downloaded app in 2020. The mobile-first video creation and sharing platform encourages users to express themselves in bite-sized video bits (We’re kind of experts at that around here.)

Whether you’re looking to join the ranks organically or jump aboard the TikTok Ads train, Biteable’s TikTok video maker has the tools to do the trick. Browse 1000+ ready-made video templates or freestyle it and match your TikTok vision to a tee.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with engaging, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Nothing is too niche

From garden gnome aficionados to fans of the humble sea shanty, nothing is too niche for TikTok. No matter what your brand is about, chances are there’s already a thriving TikTok community to match.

Using machine learning, TikTok connects your video content to the audience who wants to see it. Create videos your target personas will be into, add a few relevant hashtags, and let TikTok connect you with your community.

If you’re not sure where to start, choose one of Biteable’s ready-to-edit TikTok video templates as a jumping-off point.

Create custom TikToks in a snap

Clever and creative content thrives on TikTok. Avoid using ads that look like ads, and let your creativity flourish.

Create fun and flashy TikTok videos in a handful of minutes with the Biteable TikTok video maker. With ready-made animations and motion graphics, it’s never been easier to show the world your creative genius.

The Biteable video editor offers 1000+ professional-quality animations to suit the vibe of any video. Use them to add some pizzazz to any TikTok, and rest easy knowing you’ll stand out from the pack.

I love this platform. So easy to use and enables me to be creative without getting caught up in the tech.

Julie, Biteable user

Biteable helps the inexperienced or untrained like me look pretty cool.

Happy Biteable customer

The basics

Find your TikTok footing

TikTok is a unique social platform. You might even call it a subculture. With this comes some platform-specific best practices you should keep in mind while you find your footing.

Let’s get vertical

TikTok is built on vertical videos. Unlike most platforms, TikTok doesn’t let you get creative with your video’s aspect ratio. When you make TikTok videos, keep things 9:16 to fit the screen of a standard smartphone.

Start with Biteable’s vertical video templates or get crafty with a blank 9:16 canvas. Easily resize any videos you’ve created outside the 9:16 ratio right within the Biteable TikTok video maker to get your content TikTok-ready in minutes.

The case is closed on closed captions: you want ‘em

Everyone captions on TikTok, even when a video only contains a few words of dialogue. Follow Gen Z’s lead and caption all your TikTok videos for optimal sound-off viewing and accessibility.

Use the Biteable text tool to easily caption your TikTok videos. Add animated transitions to your captions for that extra somethin’ somethin’ and leave people asking, “wait…how did they do that!?”

Know your limits

Long attention spans are as outdated as rotary phones — no one has the time. TikTok is all about short and snappy video segments. Video length maxes out at 60 seconds, but most videos fall within TikTok’s original 15-seconds-or-less limit. Yours probably should, too.

If your story can’t be told in 15 seconds, break up your video into multiple parts. Let your audience know there’s a part two on the way. If the content is juicy enough, you’ll find yourself collecting some new followers.

Use Biteable’s clip trimmer tool to slice and splice your TikTok video or easily break it into parts.

Make a TikTok video in the time it takes to sing a sea shanty

Pro tips

Advertise on TikTok

TikTok Ads is a fairly new addition to the social media advertising scene. It’s an up and coming, relatively underutilized marketing resource. In other words: the field isn’t crowded yet. It pays to get in early.

TikTok offers a variety of ad types, from brand takeovers to the classic in-feed ad. Browse Biteable’s customizable video ad templates, and resize them to vertical videos with the click of a button.

Don’t forget your logo and a strong call to action. (You can even use Biteable to animate your logo if you’re feeling fancy.)

Hook, line, and sinker

As with any video ad, the most important part is the first 3 seconds. You have but a fleeting moment to convince your audience that your video is worth sticking around for. Start strong with an engaging hook.

TikTok recommends making ads around 20 seconds or less in length, so get to the point quickly and keep your video’s message clean and clear.

Make a TikTok video ad in minutes

This is the best tip of the bunch: use a ready-to-edit video template. Biteable has TikTok specific video ad templates, plus hundreds more that can be customized to perfection for the platform.

Feature your products, make use of Biteable’s customizable animations, and get your message across in minutes.

Jump in with Biteable’s TikTok video maker

Ready to create TikTok videos that reach a new audience for your business? With Biteable’s TikTok video maker, you can do all that and so much more.

Upload your own footage or record new footage from within the app. Need a little something extra? No problem. We’ve got over 24 million stock images, clips, and animations to fill your TikTok treasure trove.

Easily add animated text, character animations, music, and voice over to your TikTok. With a suite of easy-to-use tools, anyone can make a TikTok video in Biteable.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

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