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Prove that your stream isn’t (just) fun and games with a professional-quality Twitch video intro. Take your stream from amateur to pro in seconds with the Biteable custom intro video maker.

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How to create a Twitch intro video

  1. Start your free Biteable trial.
  2. Choose a ready-to-edit template (or start from scratch).
  3. Make it yours by adding your own footage or stock clips, animations, and ready-made scenes from Biteable’s huge library.
  4. Save and stream at the top of your next Twitch broadcast

Best-in-class templates

Start with a customizable template to create your video in less time.

Ready-made content

24+ million stock clips, images, animations, and music tracks to choose from.

One-click editing

Streamlined and smart. Add on-screen text, animations, and music with a single click.

Getting started

Take your stream to the next level with a Twitch intro video

Put the “pro” in professional streamer with a Twitch intro no one will believe you made yourself.

Be your own pre-stream hype man with the Biteable video maker. Customize an intro template or start from scratch to build the perfect intro for your channel.

Get the party started before the party has even started

It’s the same kind of concept as being fashionably late — the anticipation makes your arrival just that much better. Before your broadcast begins, use your shiny new Twitch intro to build the hype, establish your brand, and impress viewers with your video-making skills.

(And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone those snazzy animations and video effects were ready-made in the Biteable video editor. Your secret is safe with us.)

Make an epic Twitch intro in minutes

The basics

An intro to Twitch intros

If we’re being honest, there’s no secret insider guide to creating incredible Twitch intros. What makes a good intro is that it’s specific to, and reflective of, your brand. It’s you, in a snapshot.

Give your audience a taste of what’s to come, or just let your logo do the talking. Either way, keep your intro on-brand with customized colors, music, text, images, and clips.

Hello, my name is ____

While there are no must-dos, there are some probably-best-to-dos when it comes to Twitch intros. One such thing is making sure to slap your Twitch username somewhere that’s hard to miss. Since this is an intro, you do want to make sure to introduce who you are in the process.

Upload a photo of yourself if you’re feeling it, or at least include some text about what kind of content you offer alongside your username.

From here, you can keep it as basic or make it as fancy as you like. Thankfully, fancier doesn’t mean harder with Biteable.

Biteable has made it easy to captivate and engage my audience. Better yet, I look like a total pro thanks to the pre-built templates and content library

Sarah, Content Creator

Simple to use and instant outcomes. Incredible.

Andy, satisfied video creator

Bring your logo to life

For a foolproof Twitch intro, why not make your logo the star of the show? Breathe a little life into your logo with one of our spiffy logo animations. The Biteable video editor has a variety of logo animation styles for you to pick from, with options like ‘rotate bounce’ for some added flair, or ‘elegant rise’ to keep things classy.

Whichever logo animation takes your fancy, use it to stick your brand front and center. Get started with a logo-centric Twitch intro video template and be streaming with your new intro in minutes.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Pro tips

Outside the box Twitch intro ideas

When you’re armed with Biteable’s professional-quality motion graphics and animations, there’s no need to stay inside the Twitch intro box. Create a highlight reel, send a custom message, or tell a story to introduce your channel in the way that best suits you.

Highlight your best moments with a highlight reel

When you’re looking to make your intro a little longer, consider editing together a montage of your channel’s best moments into a highlight reel intro. Pick your favorite bits and pieces from past broadcasts, upload them into Biteable, and stitch them together over some groovy tunes.

Include your logo at the start or end and you’ve got yourself an intro that introduces what you’re all about and what your stream’s viewers are in for.

Send a custom message

You might not have a logo yet, and that’s fine and dandy. Show that you’re not just a regular streamer (you’re a cool streamer) with a custom “stream starting soon” intro. Choose a simple image or video background from the 24+ million stock images, clips, and ready-made scenes included with Biteable, and add your personalized text on top.

Or, consider making the most of our in-house designed animations and motion graphics to ensure your message gets through loud and clear.

Tell a story with animation

Tell your story or make up something appropriately offbeat to keep viewers entertained while they wait for your broadcast to begin. Use Biteable’s range of animated scenes and characters to take viewers on a visual journey that’ll get them pumped for your upcoming stream.

Remember, it is still an intro, so try to keep things relatively short and relevant to what you’re all about.

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