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Free up your budget and create the wedding video of your dreams with the Biteable wedding video maker. You’ll love it so much you just might get down on one knee.

How to make a wedding video

  1. Begin with the Biteable video template library.
  2. Find your perfect template match or start from scratch.
  3. Edit and customize to bring your dream wedding video to life.
  4. Freeze your wedding day in video form to share and replay whenever you’d like.

Getting started

The only wedding video maker you’ll ever need

Don’t trap your wedding photos in an album destined for cobwebs — turn your special day into an extra special video you’ll watch for decades to come. Sprinkle a little extra magic over your wedding day with Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker.

Create personalized wedding invitation videos, jazz up your reception with customized video displays, and capture the heart of your wedding with a video recap. All made by you.

Professional-quality videos that make your day shine are just minutes away with the Biteable video maker.

Save your budget, do it yourself

Weddings are expensive, but at least your wedding video doesn’t have to be. Save money on costly video editors and create your dream wedding video yourself with Biteable.

Too busy planning a wedding to take a video editing crash course? No stress. We’re not called the world’s simplest video maker for nothing. Make a beautiful wedding video from start to finish, with no experience required.

Let Biteable be your editing pro

Is this a black-tie event? Because we’re getting fancy. Turn your wedding video into a work of art with animated text and scene transitions that’ll leave you looking like a pro.

Showcase your show-stopping wedding photos with Biteable’s photos to video tool or use footage from your celebration to create a stunning wedding recap.

Take one thing off your wedding to-do list with a professionally-made wedding video template. Choose a template that fits your style and customize it with your own photos, videos, text, colors, and motion graphics.

Add your own special touches

No one knows your love story better than you. Bring your story to the screen with complete control over the video editing process. Upload your own music and make your first dance song the soundtrack, or use any of the high-quality music tracks ready and waiting in the Biteable editor.

Draw inspiration from your mood board and use your wedding’s color palette in your video. Easily tweak the text colors, backgrounds, and animations to be the exact shade of blush you painstakingly weaved throughout the rest of your celebration.

Bring your dream wedding video to life

The basics

Relive (and replay) the best day of your life with a custom wedding video

Ever wish you could bring the vision in your head to life? Now you can. Armed with the Biteable video maker, you are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Make wedding video magic with these hints, tips, and ideas.

Capture what made your wedding yours

Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer or DIYing the whole shebang, there’s no more underutilized person at a wedding than the wedding guest. Encourage guest to take photos and videos throughout the night, and set up a way for them to share their snaps with you.

Create a wedding hashtag, a guestlist Facebook group, or leave cameras on the reception tables as an extra nudge. If you don’t score some incredible shots (which you probably will), you’ll surely find a few funny memories to treasure just as much.

Incorporate the best snaps into your official wedding video or create a Newlywed’s Cut with your favorite off-the-cuff moments. Why? Because you’re the video pro now, and you get to do things your way.

Wow wedding guests with a reception video

Wedding-day recaps aren’t the only type of wedding video around. Jazz up your reception with a video montage of you and your partner’s favorite moments, or create a video that will play before your grand entrance to build up the hype.

For a special twist, why not create a video quiz all about the newlyweds for guests to play during cocktail hour? You’ll have more opportunities to capture candid wedding photos while guests stay entertained (and none the wiser).

Create a wedding video you can share everywhere

If you want to share your finished masterpiece far and wide across the internet (and rightfully so), use Biteable’s video resizer to swap the shape and size of your wedding video in an instant.

Make your video square, fullscreen, or tall — whatever size you need — with the snap of your fingers. Because no, a feed post obviously isn’t enough. An Instagram Story is absolutely necessary as well.

I was so impressed with the ease of putting the video together.

Lucy, first-time video maker

I’m far from being a tech wiz but was able to make my first video — which had people oohing and ahhing — with very few issues. Would highly recommend.

Gina, new video pro

Pro tips

Say “yes” to stunning invites with the wedding invitation video maker

Why stop at a wedding video? With a wedding invitation video, you’ll pull out all the stops before you’ve even ordered the cake.

Create a Pinterest-worthy wedding invite in the time it takes you to walk down the aisle. Start with an invitation video template, then personalize it to represent you, your partner, and your love story.

Make a wedding invite that multitasks

A wedding invite that essentially sends itself? Yes, please. Create your perfect video invite, then send it off to the entire guest list with one click. Forget calligraphy sourcing, address collecting, paper picking, and envelope licking. The wedding video invitation multitasks, so you don’t have to.

End your invite with a call-to-action directing guests to your wedding website. Your guests can RSVP without a trip to the post office, and you can get right to the nitty-gritty of planning without waiting weeks for the RSVPs to snail-mail their way back to you.

Save the date (and a whole lot of time)

If you love the ease and budget-friendliness of video invitations but can’t quite give up the tradition of paper invites, save money and time on the rest of your wedding-related communications with a save-the-date video.

Much like a video wedding invite, a ‘save the date’ video is a great way to give friends and family advance notice about the big day.

Create a short video that shares the important info, and send it out to your guest list. If you accidentally leave someone off the list, quickly send them the video without having to rustle up a whole new printed notice.

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