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Harness the power of YouTube’s 2+ billion audience with a high-performing YouTube ad. Create your video ad easily with Biteable and start your YouTube advertising today.

How to craft a custom YouTube ad

  1. Open Biteable’s video template library.
  2. Pick your favorite ready-made ad template hit ‘edit.’
  3. Customize images, footage, animation, colors, and more.
  4. Download your video for your next YouTube ad campaign.

Getting started

Why YouTube advertising is great for businesses

Following Google, YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. With over two billion users who watch over one billion hours of YouTube per day, there’s no question that YouTube is a platform worth advertising on. All sorts of people with all kinds of interests flock to YouTube every day, and YouTube has made sure you’ve got plenty of ways to reach them with their advertising platform

Reach further with YouTube ads

YouTube, through mobile alone, reaches more people between the ages of 18-34 in the US than any TV network. But it’s not just the younger generations that YouTube has oh so carefully clutched in their grasp — It’s also the most popular and most widely used platform for U.S. adults. We’re talking teens, adults, and seniors — how about hitting three demographic birds with one YouTube-shaped stone?

Let Google help you get where you want to go

YouTube sits firmly within the Google umbrella of things, meaning Google’s almost incomprehensibly comprehensive audience targeting tools are at your fingertips with YouTube advertising.

It’s only half the battle to create a video ad that looks the part (and we’ve got that part covered); the rest is in getting it in front of the people you want to be seeing it. With Google Ads, get as scarily specific as you please. Target your audience and watch as the results roll in.

Create a stunning YouTube video ad with zero experience

The basics

How to make YouTube ads that deliver

The scope and variety you’re offered when advertising on YouTube means it’s a little less ‘cut and paste to success’ than some other social platforms, but not in a bad way. You’ve just got a little more wiggle room when it comes to making a video ad that meets all of your needs.

Make it memorable

No matter the length or placement you choose, starting your video off with a bang is the go-to move for success. Grab people’s attention in the first five seconds to keep them watching after any potential “skip” buttons might appear. Dive right into the good stuff and, if you can, make the whole thing as memorable as your brand is. Use a story to capture attention, minds, and hearts alike — then bring it home with a call to action.

Choose the ad type that’ll make your dreams come true

When it comes to YouTube ad formats, you’re spoiled for choice. Some are longer, and some are super, super short. TrueView discovery ads can be as long as 6 minutes, while bumper ads run for only 6 seconds. There’s also in-stream and non-skippable ads that offer between 15-30 seconds to work your magic.

Which to choose? Follow your goals. If you’re looking to raise brand awareness, a short and sweet video will do the trick. When you want to drive conversions, you might need a little more time to play with to really get your point across.

Video content creation can often be a time-consuming hassle. However, with Biteable, my team and I are able to create high-quality video ads within minutes!

Sandy, Marketing Guru

Biteable has been such a breeze to work with when editing my videos. I can easily upload my content and quickly download it when I’m done editing. It has cut my process time down as their ready-to-use templates are a breeze!

Sarah, Brand & Web Designer

Pro tips

Make a YouTube video ad that rivals the pros

To get the most out of your YouTube ads, you need not only a great video, but also an understanding of targeting and YouTube’s on-screen features.

Target to a tee

We touched on it up above, but Google’s (and thus YouTube’s) targeting tools may just be the top reason to advertise with them. Make the most of it. Use Find My Audience to narrow down who your audience is, their interests and habits, and even what they’re planning to purchase. With Google Ads at your side, building an audience profile is straightforward and you’ll be a step closer to reaching your goals and profiting from your YouTube ads.

Use what sets YouTube apart

Every platform has its own version of that special little somethin’ somethin’ that sets them apart from the pack. One of YouTube’s offerings is the YouTube cards tool that lets you speak to your audience right within the video player.

Send viewers to your website, your channel, or another video or playlist to keep the ball rolling. Whack a card on your ad to give viewers no excuse not to click. Include some teaser text and a call to action to send people where you want them to go.

YouTube is prepped and ready to help you optimize your ads once they’re running, with real-time insights into how people are responding to your video. Take all that sweet data and let it guide you to even better results by checking in and making adjustments as you go — all within the Google Ads platform. It’s a one-stop-shop full of helpful hints and downright delightful data.

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